What Causes Gray Hair?

Gray Hair No More

That is a subject that many people are searching about on the Internet lately.

In today’s  modern world people want to learn about what causes gray hair because they are not ready to age, or show signs of aging. Gray hair have to be looked at as a fact of life, only a small number of  people can avoid it through their exceptional genetic inheritance.

It is also true that more and more people, and mostly women are starting to show gray hair before the age of 30 – the culprit being a very stressful and active lifestyle, poor diet and extensive use of hair dye products.

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Gray Hair Causes

There are multiple causes that lead to hair turning gray: starting with poor diet, oxidative stress, genetic factors and aging.

We try to cover all of them here and to give you some hints about how to prevent premature appearance of gray hair.

Is It Possible To Reverse Gray Hair?

Since 2009 research have come to the conclusion that decreasing levels of catalase due to natural aging is the main cause of hair turning gray. Ever since products were expecting based on these findings to cover this market need. And today they exist as pills.

gray hair treatmentGray Hair Cure And Treatment

There are some pills on the market today that claim to reverse gray hair. Is good to know that we can find such a treatment for gray hair. Although there is a catch: they have to be taken on a continuous bases as they replace some nutrients that are missing from our body as we grow old. We review them here.  read GoAwayGray reviews>>>

Why Do We Get Grey Hair?

If you look in the mirror and spot your first gray hair, don’t panic. It’s natural, and you are not the only one. However, in you are in your 30’s that maybe something to be concerned about. That maybe connected with your genetics or maybe you lack essential nutrients like vitamin B12 which is known to be related with causing the appearance of gray hair.

The substance that gives our hair its color is a chemical called melanin. This chemical is released by hair follicles which are located at the root of our hair. Now, an abundance of melanin is what makes our hair darker, while a small amount gives it lighter shades. But as we grow old and begin aging, the pigment cells that produce melanin will eventually stop functioning. Aside from cell death that occurs naturally because of natural aging, there is a matter of free radical damage that is causing gray hair.

What Causes Premature Hair Graying?

Number one premature hair graying cause is of course, genetics. There are members of your family that turned gray at a young age? Chances are, you will turn gray too. When the cells that produce pigment, called melanocytes will stop producing pigment that will be the moment that your hair starts to turn gray. The age differ from person to person and is believed to be genetically pre-programmed.

Aldo, predisposition plays a major role in this situation, you can take some preventing measures in forms of living a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating habits and of course paying attention of how you treat your hair. Providing good nutrition to your cells will prevent their damages and prolong their functionality. This way you can slow the process significantly.

Premature Hair Graying Cause: Thyroid Disease

Improper activity of thyroid can alter the activity of the melanocytes that produce pigment which can lead to prematurely gray hair. If your hair started to turn gray before the age of thirty is best to get some blood studies done to check thyroid function.

Premature Hair Graying Cause: B12 Deficiency

A deficiency in vitamin B12 is believed to also cause prematurely gray hair. Sometimes a B12 deficiency could come from a specific problem with vitamin absorption. Besides B12 deficiencies being linked to premature gray hair, is believed that can cause some real neurological problems that sometimes could be irreversible. So check your B12 levels if unsure…

Oxidative Stress: Watch Out For Those Free Radicals

Oxidative stress is a result of an imbalance within the body. Pro-oxidants can build up from various sources as smoking, pollution, poor diet and lack of exercise. Oxidative stress can weaken the cells’s ability to restore hair’s natural color and luster.

Exceeding quantities of these oxidants building up in the papilla cavity will become too much for the melanocytes, killing these cells. As the hair follicle moves into next stage, there are no longer any of those special cells to pigment the hair. The result is the appearance of gray hair strands.

Oxidative Stress: Hydrogen Peroxide

Super Oxides are free radicals that results from metabolic activity within the body such as our reaction to stress. Still, in situations which stress is a continuous presence in one’s life, the amount of hydrogen peroxide being acummulated affect the body’s ability to break it down. This leads to build up oxidative stress which can make your hair to turn gray.

Gray Hair No More

Prevent Gray Hair From Showing Too Soon

Healthy Diet
Maintaining our precious hair does takes a little effort from our part, but this is something that we must do in order to prevent early aging signs. To prevent gray hair we have to know what is important for our hair. Hair growth & nourishment can be enriched by using natural vitamin sources. Organic and natural food sources of Vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B-12, not only keeps us healthy and young for much longer but also can prevent the appearance of those nasty gray hair strands too early in our life.

For proper nourishment and maintenance of your hair its advised to use natural & nutrient rich oils, such as coconut oil, almond oil, alma, wheat germ oil, flax seed oil, sunflower oil. Eat a healthy balanced diet: fruits and vegetables, diary products, cod-liver oil, milk, yolk, rich protein foods.

Avoid Stress
To avoid building up stress and depression, one should try and get relaxed as much as possible for keeping gray hair far away. Smoking habit is also something that leads to gray hair.

Avoid Chemicals
Pay attention of those chemical agents from soaps, shampoos,  favorite hair sprays, etc. Change your favorite brand shampoo at regular time intervals and use large amounts of water for cleaning up your head scalp. Avoid using hair care products that contain Hydrogen Peroxide.

Time Stamp

Gray Hair No More

We are all getting older… We cannot avoid gray hair indefinitely.

Gray hair is also often due to signs of aging and that is in a sense hard to cope-up with thereafter. The regular degradation of the hair follicles leads to hair graying also. That’s life after all…

We hope that we gave you a short overview of what causes gray hair and we encourage you to browse through this site to find out more regarding gray hair treatment, how to get rid of gray hair and/or if there really is something out there that we can use to reverse gray hair.

Happy browsing! 🙂


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