Go Away Gray Reviews – Does It Work?

Go Away Gray – does it really work? We’ve done some extended research to find out what are people saying about this pill’s promises to reverse gray hair.

Go Away Gray Featured At CBC8.com

What are these pills? We found an interesting article at the cbc8.com that speak about this.

“The pill’s creator Cathy Beggan says the secret ingredient is an enzyme called catalase that reacts to your body’s natural production of hydrogen peroxide.

“As we get a little bit older we don’t produce enough catalase and then the hydrogen peroxide cannot be broken down and that bleaches your hair from the inside out, turning it gray,” Beggan said.

Beggan’s pills also contain vitamin B-6, folic acid, saw palmetto and L-tyrosine.

“They all sound pretty natural but not knowing that tyrosine goes into adrenaline and tyrosine goes into thyroid hormones could land someone in trouble taking too much of it,” nutritional biochemist Jay Foster said.

Foster says too much L-tyrosine can be a problem for people with medical conditions, and a lack of catalase in a person’s body could be a sign of bigger issues.

“Our experience is that we have enough enzyme molecules in there and if they are not active, it may be a mineral deficiency like a copper deficiency or another deficiency that may be blocking the catalase from working,” Foster said. The bottom line from Foster is that he’s skeptical.

“It’s something that will work for some people and not for others,” he said. more at http://www.cbs8.com/Global/story.asp?S=12033715

Go Away Gray Reviews On Vendor’s Site

We want to start with some reviews found at the official wakeupontime.com site to read some positive reviews, but you have to take in consideration that on the merchant site we only find such reviews.

It’s natural for them to only publish good reviews about these pills. But that doesn’t mean that thy are not true. Let’s not be prejudiced here.

“Go Away Gray is working for me. My beard was totally gray, and now it is a blend of brown and gray. I can also see the hair on my temples coming in dark. It hasn’t changed the gray hairs I already had, but the roots are definitely darker. I have been using this product for 9 weeks, and I just started noticing the change.”
Mike/ON, Canada

“I’m delighted to say that 6-7 weeks into Go Away Gray, it seems to be working! I am 59 years old and most of my hair usually grows through 100% bright, shiny silver, without a trace of my old color. But now I can say that, within the 3 weeks since my last trip to the salon for the root color, there must be at least 15-20% growing back with full color. I expect that’s just going to get better as the weeks go by. It really is amazing, and there seem to be no side effects whatsoever, except that even my skin doesn’t seem quite as pale and frail-looking.”
Sarah H./ME

“Two months into taking it (Go Away Gray) – twice a day as recommended, and HUGE DIFFERENCE. Yes. After taking this for two months the hair on my head that was completely white, has about 50% dark hair coming in now. Plus, I feel like it has thickened my hair with some new growth coming in now. The NEW growth coming in is definitely my dark natural pre-gray color. Not only that, but my eyebrows have thickened and some hair is coming in there darker too. Go figure. Somehow it is working.”
J. Samson/USA

“After hearing and seeing this product on the national news, I thought I would give it a try. I am 60 years old, and about 75% gray. After 2 weeks, I started to notice my hair restoring to its natural color. I am now on my 4th week, and about 60% of my natural color has been restored, and it has been done in a subtle way.”
J. Falco

“After the first 3 months of Go Away Gray, I can see my white roots coming in darker. I’m very impressed!”

“After only taking Go Away Gray for a short time, I have noticed not only a change in my hair color, but my skin as well! I get questions all the time on what I’m doing to bring about this change. It’s my secret beauty weapon!”
Patricia W./ New York, NY

“I saw your product Go Away Gray on channel 3 Health Alert and made a purchase of 3 bottles for $59.90 and I must say WOW! This product truly works! Just recently a friend asked what I had done to my hair, and I had to share my secret! I just wanted to say “thank you”. I have 1 bottle left and I will be making another purchase very soon!”
Tina/Perkasie, PA

“I saw Go Away Gray on the local news. The Consumer Reports News anchor was giving a review and gave good feedback….so I gave it a try. I am seeing less gray than normal – even my wife is asking what is going on (she’s the one with the tweezers plucking). I must admit, I missed a few days, but with this order I won’t!”
Darryl S./Tracy CA

“A friend and I started using Go Away Gray on March 11, 2010 (four weeks ago). We had seen a story on it on the local CBS LA news. Unbelievably, it works! This is our second order.
Elaine S./San Clemente, CA

For more of these reviews you can visit the testimonial page at wakeupontime.com. So, these reviews looked very impressive. Some people have got some really nice results with the Go Away Gray pills if we are to believe the vendor’ site.

But we wanted to look in some other parts on the Internet other that their own site to find out if we can find some other reviews about this pills. And we headed out to the Amazon.com were we could find a mixture of negative & positive reviews.

Go Away Gray Reviews On Amazon

“I was happy when this product came out with the hope that it would change the color of gray. I’ll make it plain and simple it did not work. Save your money…. This stuff will be in the dollar store soon.” – by Mark

“I have tried this for three months, two capsules daily and NO results, gray just the same. I agree with the other reviewer that said that the positive reviews are plants from the company, after all they got news stations to basically run adds for them…Don’t waste your money does not work!” – by Athena Chatte “C Morgan”

“The product does work but it is a slow process.I have cut down the use of hair dyes and mainly for touchups. Be patient.” – by puldoc

“I took this product, as directed, for FOUR months and did not get the results they advertised. I was very disappointed with this product and would NOT recommend this to others. – by Arthur L. Smith”

“Tried this for 4 months exactly as directed. Evidently, it may work better for gray hair and not hair that is turning silver.
It may no difference in my hair at all…so I discontinued the use. Maybe it will work for others, but as for me…no difference other than a lighter waller.” – by Stevdelphi

“I too saw the commercial on a reputable news station and got snared. I took the product for 60 days with no results. I did some research on catalase and found out that there was a scientific study conducted that showed a “deficiency in catalase may play a role in the greying process of human hair.” That may well be true, but I think more study needs to be done on this enzyme. In the meantime don’t waste your money. Educate yourself.” – by Stan Dominguez

“I have no idea why there are so many negative reviews for this product. I suspect that it’s probably a competitor that wants all the business. I’ve been taking this supplement for about 5 almost 6 weeks now and I definitely see a change. I have some annoying gray hairs right by the front of my forehead that I can’t cover up and now you can’t see them as much. If you’re looking for a quick fix, this product is not for you. But if you can stick with taking one capsule at breakfast and dinner, the bottle guarantees results anywhere from 4 weeks to 3 months. My hairdresser even noticed the difference in my hair when she went to highlight it. I will continue to use Go Away Gray!” – by katem

“I have been using Go Away Gray for about 7 months, and it is definitely working. The person who cuts my hair sees the results month by month. New hair coming in is my natural dark color. I’m thinking about increasing the dosage to 3 capsules per day. My nearly pure white hair is salt and pepper, tending more dark. Almost no pure white any more.. ” – by Chas G. Read more reviews

With such contradictory reviews we reached the conclusion that will not work for everyone. Some are getting results after 1 month or so and others even after 60 days they still see nothing happens. It may be linked with one’s genetics, lifestyle or eating habits.

But if we look at some explanations in the positive ones, the key here is to wait long enough as they are maybe working more slowly in your case. In the end, you may get some great results.

Do You Need To Look Younger Now?

It just depends if you are willing & able to spend money to reach that younger looking appearance you want. Are you in a executive position and willing to give it a go? Are you a celebrity? When you are more exposed to the public eye you want to look your best. So will give you the final reviews about these pills.

We found this on the boldingblog.com where there is a whole discussion about the effectiveness of this product. Most of the ones that tried the product were having no results, but was one that was taking the pill for a longer period of time (120 days) has finally seen the results showing up. He just didn’t quit.

Batri  –  June 13th, 2012 at 8:51 am

Grey hair is funny. In my bathroom mirror I look like I’m maybe 50% grey. When I see myself outside in a shop window I look like I’m 125 years old – completely white.
I have lots of hair and a short beard and I’ve decided to do my own semi- scientific study. I shot very detailed pictures of my beard and some of my hair line ( and overall for much later comparisons). I can count the hairs in these shots. I’ve been taking Go Away Grey for three weeks, so I’ll keep posting as I go.

Batri  –  July 4th, 2012 at 8:53 am

Passed the 40 day mark. Some days I think wow! I’m seeing changes – new dark hair. If it’s true, it’s not enough yet to make a real case. Honestly, so far I think it’s only lighting and wishful thinking. But I’ll keep going and report back.

Batri  –  July 24th, 2012 at 8:44 am

60 days. No change in my gray hair. Some claim it was after this point they began to see results. We’ll see

Batri  –  August 28th, 2012 at 5:28 pm

Just passed the 90 day mark. It’s super slow but I have had a few hairs come in dark at the root – nothing really convincing to show yet, however. Encouraging enough to keep going though. I’ll check back at day 120.

One other thing – my hair is in much better shape. I have a small bald-ish spot at the crown of my head and it is filling back in. Overall it’s thicker and fuller – enough to elicit two comments out of the blue from work friends. So if nothing else, that’s not so bad.

Batri  –  September 9th, 2012 at 6:00 pm

Bought TWO bottles and I am still gray. I can agree with the rest by saying it DOES NOT WORK! The only good thing about the shampoo is that it smells good!

Batri  –  October 17th, 2012 at 3:33 pm

Passed day 120 a couple of weeks ago. So, I can say that this stuff definitely works, but excrutiatingly slowly. It took months to see any changes and the changes I HAVE seen are small. Granted, I am concentrating on my beard (which is very easy to see changes), but judging by how much earlier beard hair goes grey than scalp hair, I’m probably using the hardest gauge to measure success. If I were to make an educated guess, Catalase ingested through the digestive system is just not a very good method. My impression is that I am getting the effects of the portion of the Catalase that survives the trip and that probably isn’t much. I am still enjoying the benefits I mentioned above so I am continuing and will check in on day 150.

Batri  –  January 31st, 2013 at 5:00 pm

Sorry to be slow on this. I spent over a month in Asia on business and forgot to bring my pills so it gave me a chance to test this stuff. The few hairs I can see in my beard (that returned to my natural dark brown after using Go Away Grey for several months) began to lighten and return to grey. So that convinced me to keep it up. I’m on day 210.

I think I can say, for me, it works. But it takes time. I’ve researched the ingredients and all are way under dosages that would be problematic, so I may up the dose by 1 pill a day (to 3 a day).

Also, without being a physiologist, someone mentioned taking the pills between meals. For the vitamin content, taking them with meals is best for absorption. But more of the Catalase might have a better chance of surviving the digestive system if it was taken between meals. If I do either of these I will report back.

Jenjen, I have comprehensive “before” photos. When I have more to show I’ll set up a Flickr page or something so people can look.
I will check back at day 240.

Batri  –  January 31st, 2013 at 5:11 pm

Sorry, one last thing. Honestly, most people would probably feel the expense is not worth the few gains I’ve seen so far.

For me, I don’t mind the cost and I’m encouraged by the results. My experience with supplements has been that you see modest improvement for a while then much faster and greater gains later after your body resolves some of the issues the supplements were designed to address. So I’m interested to see if that happens here.


These grey hair reversal pills worked for some and for others did nothing. For most of them it required a lot more than 60 days to see some results. We did this comprehensive research to show you what you need to know and to make a qualified decision about buying this product.

In the end is all about what you are willing to do. Go for it or not?

Check out Catalase NOW, a new product designed to improve the way your hair looks and feels:

On site testimonials:

“I am more than satisfied. I have black hair and every month I see more black than grey hair. And I have much thicker and healthier hair than 3 years ago” – Malae K.

“I have used this product in the past and to be 49 years old, I have a lot less grey hair that any of my friends in the same age bracket.” – Tim V.

“I have been using it for quite a while now and I am very satisfied with my results. I even used it during my chemotherapy… I get compliments on my hair all the time. My dark brown hair is growing right along the older silver strands that frame my face. All my hair is shiny & healthy looking. Thank you.” – annonymus

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